We offer services specific to Ecommerce businesses to help them compete in typically very crowded marketplaces. In addition to our web development expertise our team includes over 10 years experience in marketing, merchandising and supply chain.

Strategy planning including SWOT Analysis

Are you new to Ecommerce or perhaps you are up and running already but want a second pair of eyes to look over your strategy and plans? Strategy planning would include creating or reviewing an existing business plan, looking at the marketplace you are competing in and what your business model is. Our team can provide a comprehensive SWOT analysis to help build your strategy to make sure you are well prepared for tackling retailing online.


Price Analysis

It's important to understand what motivates your customers to purchase, now more than ever consumers are price savvy and know how to price compare. If you are offering the same or a similar product to competitors, it's essential you are competitive, either in price or the service you are offering, preferably both! We can build bespoke price checking software that will perform regular price tracking of your products against other competitors in the market, to make sure you are always ahead of the curve and can make decisions before its too late.


Visual Merchandising

Do you understand how your customers shop? Do you know what's the ideal number of products to have on the page? What sorting filters you should display? Where your best should be displayed? We have a merchandising team who have worked for some of the largest retailers and understand what works best and why.


Supply Chain

Supply chain and logistics can make or break a business, make sure you get it right. We can help map out your operational strategy, recommend couriers and software to help manage it all.